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The seed for Oomite was planted back in 2017, when we (Katie Graham and Magdalena Roze) both had the idea of making a 100% natural mitey spread packed with real ingredients and amazing flavour, and we both told Darren (Mag’s chef partner Darren Robertson) about it. We didn’t know each other then, so Daz connected us and we decided to collaborate!

After almost two years of recipe testing (it's not that easy to make an all-natural, umami-packed, thick spread!), and many many loaves of sourdough and cultured butter, we made something that we found delicious and addictive. Using premium, real ingredients was a given, but it was equally important for us to get that mitey flavour.

To be sure, we tested it on chef mates, and when they begged us for more, we knew that it’s time to hit go!

Our batches will remain small for a while. As there is nothing artificial added to Oomite, like thickeners and stablisers, it is hand-filled. And, one of our ingredients is an organic, very slow-fermented miso.

But, the flavour is big! So as Daz put it “use it like gold dust!” 

We’ve had the most wonderful support from our local food community (we actually got our tag line “Everything’s better with Oomite!” from chef David Lovett!) and we’re so excited to share it with you. 

We hope you love it. 

Katie & Mags x

Katie Graham is a Food + Drink Strategist, Brand Growth Consultant, and passionate foodie. With 15 years of corporate experience in Sydney, she moved to Byron Bay with her furniture-making partner, in pursuit of a slower life, great produce, and more time to cook! After years of helping other food brands and small businesses connect with the right people and grow, she had this little idea to create a real mite spread - a food product of her own, and the rest is history!

Magdalena Roze is a Journalist, Meteorologist, Cook Book Author, Food Writer and Mum of two boys. Following a career in television and radio in Sydney, Mags made the sea change to Byron Bay to help her chef partner open a restaurant on a farm. She’s since seamlessly blended her love of food and media in her website, cookbook, podcast and as an MC for the nation’s top food events. She is passionate about real food and was inspired to create an all-natural mite spread after testing some early kitchen versions on playgroup parents and kids and realizing it’s a thing!

Oofoods. Old favourites, made better.