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Mitey! It’s salty, savoury, bitter, yeasty and tails off with a balanced umami kick that leaves you wanting more.

Yes, as Oomite contains spent brewer’s yeast (which is a by-product of the beer making process) and malted barley, it does contain gluten. It also contains soy from an organic fermented soybean paste.

Oomite is a food service product for now, so we’re only supplying cafes and restaurants. If you really want to try it, the best thing you can do is let your favourite local food spot know about us as we would love to supply them!

Yes! 100% of Oomite’s ingredients are made from plants, not in a plant.

We love real food and are especially drawn to the nostalgic products and flavours that we grew up with. With Oomite, our mission was to create a delicious and wholesome savoury yeast spread with all-natural ingredients and amazing flavour. We tested it on many chefs and knew we got it right when Mags’s son asked for more of “mummy’s bitter jam.”

Oomite is a premium mite, made with high-quality ingredients like our very slow-fermented, organic miso! And absolutely nothing artificial (no colours, numbers, thickeners etc).

We’ve done extensive research in the mite category and found that there are two categories of mites. The mainstream lower price brands, and a few higher quality, black tahini-based mites sold in independents and health food stores. Oomite’s ingredients and flavour are unique in this second category, but we have worked to price it so that it’s competitive within this category of mites, while making it viable for food service.

This is the most exciting part! We’re seeing chefs using Oomite both as a Spread and an Ingredient. 

At Vagabond, you can get Oomite on a sourdough crumpet with vegan butter while at Three Blue Ducks in Byron it’s served with The Bread Social sourdough and cultured butter. Speaking of, the masters at The Bread Social are working on a bespoke Oomite Croissant and have also used it in an umami bomb of a savoury danish. 

Meanwhile, David Lovett at Ethel Food Store has used Oomite in his famous cheesy focaccia, Cheese and Oomite scrolls and even Four Chocolate and Oomite cookies.

As an Ingredient, Oomite has been used as a brisket marinade at Barrio in Byron Bay, in Kim Chi at Three Blue Ducks and Oomite and ricotta gnocchi at The Diner in Lennox Head. 

You can see some of these mouth-watering creations at @oomitespread.